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What occupies your time?

What occupies your time? I am way to busy! Work, school, family all occupy the majority of my time. It seems like every night we are heading to some sporting event or school event with the boys. Every week night is clogged with something, not all are bad, we make time on Wednesday night for our churches youth and children's program and I teach a parenting small group bible study. Church, family and just living our modern day life just occupy all of are time... yes that's life. In Acts Chapter 18 we see something different. Paul is wrapping up his second missionary tour and God guides him to Corinth. The picture the bible gives us is that Paul begins to work his trade with some friends he has made. We see a picture of the Apostle Paul just doing life! But the rattled my heart were in verse 5. When Silas and Timothy arrive they find Paul "occupied with the Word." Wow, in the middle of doing work and going to the tabernacle to argue for the faith we find Paul occupied with the Word of God. As busy as I am, I do not think anyone would walk in and look at me and say that I was occupied by the Word. What occupies your time? No doubt you are reading this on some sort of a devices, do you occupy yourself on the Word there or does social media control everything? What about family? Work? A good pray for us today is "Lord help me to be occupied with your Word!"


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Tina Harrington
Tina Harrington
Dec 24, 2023

I look forward to reading the Bible in its entirety. To fully understand God's Word ❤️

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