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When people talk about your faith what do they say? Would they even know? In Acts 18 we see Priscilla and Aquila come upon a young man named Apollos. The bible tells us that Apollos was speaking boldly of the things of Jesus, but he only knew of the baptism of John. They said he was “fervent in the Spirit.” I began to think about how people would describe me…. Oh my, that is not a pleasant thought. I have not always walked how I should! But really, would people describe me as bold? Or anything close to fervent? Probably not! Many of us have regulated our faith to only appearing on Sunday and maybe one other night during the week. We only speak the things of Jesus on Sunday or at our weekly bible study, maybe even not at all! We are afraid of what others might think. We are afraid of what others might say or even that we might not have the correct answer to some question. Those things didn’t stop Apollos, he just trusted God and believed in Jesus as the messiah. He just walked in faith and spoke boldly. Friends maybe it is time we stop thinking about everyone else and start walking boldly in our faith! I recently read a little meme on social media that said, “if you can trust the puzzle makers to put all the puzzle pieces in the box, we can trust the great Creator to put all our puzzle pieces together too.” What at great thought! Trust God and walk Boldly. Just maybe someone will describe you as Fervent……

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Tina Harrington
Tina Harrington
Dec 24, 2023

I love this story! I have now become much less concerned about what other people think of me. I know that how I think of myself is what truly matters. I am a child of God, and just saying that out loud, makes me feel SO Confident and full of LIFE 🥰🥰🥰 I am truly grateful for every single day that God has given me. And, I look forward to many more!

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